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This is a new beginning for us. We’re Dave and Michele Johnson. After over 11 years in the insurance industry and over 5 in health and Medicare we’ve finally launched a website to serve our clients. Here we’ll attempt to cover various topics relating to life and health insurance in a form that’s as easy to understand as we can possibly make it.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you’ll need to make wise insurance choices. Your insurance policies need to coordinate in a way that gives you the best coverage for your premium dollar without over-spending or worst under-protecting you and your family. Let’s face it, no-one likes spending money on insurance. But unless you’re Bill Gates or Elon Musk and have the assets to self-insure you’re going to have to spend a percentage of your income on insurance. Otherwise you leave yourself and your family in financial peril. One slip and fall or traffic accident, or heaven forbid a dire health event can leave you multi-six figures in debt.

As with any good financial plan we like to first look at your current situation, get an idea of where you see yourself going in life and plan accordingly. As with financial planning, preparing for a good life and health portfolio can depend on several variables; risk tolerance, income, size of your family and family dynamics for a start. What’s important to you and what kind of value do you place on the various aspects.

Bottom line, a properly structured life and health plan will provide the average family with near blanket coverage for thousands of dollars a year less than a piecemeal approach. I look forward to exploring how that is accomplished over the next few months. After that we’ll do deep dives into the details of each of the various forms of life and health insurance. Each has their own place in the picture and it’s a good idea to understand how they work.

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